At Concept4IT Consulting GmbH, everything we do is driven by our passion for creating innovative dashboards to help you solve real business problems. We're focused on perfecting how you interact with and visualize your data - the way you want to. With Concept4IT, your BI experience is completely personal.

How it all started

Doron’s passion for innovation and technology began at the early age of 15, when he developed his first commercial software application. His long-standing vision and passion led him to focus his efforts on developing products and solutions that helped businesses better understand and visualize their data.

Fast forward to today, and he’s the CEO and Founder of Concept4IT Consulting GmbH, built on his ongoing, ever-growing eagerness to create solutions that people can truly benefit from. Doron’s desire to craft BI and data visualization solutions that deliver unique and personalized user experiences has helped set Concept4IT apart. As the innovation at Concept4IT continues, so does the company’s commitment to creating great BI solutions that gives you ultimate control over your BI experience.

Dundas Data Visualization president and CEO, Tro Marchand

Doron Marcu

CEO and Founder,
Concept4IT Consulting GmbH

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