Better Analysis

Using Smart Interactive Visualizations

Discover data by focusing on what matters to you, and turn those discoveries into stunning pixel-perfect dashboards and reports. The result? Data that is easier to consume and understand by all users.

Smart Visualizations

  • Make sure your data is visualized properly, even if you are not a data-vis expert, thanks to out-of-the-box default settings for data visualization best practices
  • See your data patterns with on-the-fly generation of new visuals without any data preparation
  • Always choose and design the best way to view your data with numerous unique visualizations to choose from, most with hundreds of configurable properties
  • Get the most modern visuals built upon 15 years of real-world experience

Interactivity for Better Analysis

  • Quickly focus on the level of details required with a simple click to: Drill-down/up, Change level, Sort, Filter, Expand/Collapse, Zoom-in/out
  • Discover trend changes faster by comparing to previous Periods
  • Add forecast and other statistical calculations directly on your visuals using an intuitive formula engine
  • Highlight performance issues and outliers via conditional data states
  • See the impact of your interactions via best practices data transitions (data animations) and visual data linking (brushing)
  • Create a customer user experience via automatic setup of user interactions