Personal User Experience

Open the door to Endless Possibilities & Remove all Boundaries

Delivering analytics than can be used by either analysts or business users is all about providing a personal user experience that real people love. Concept4IT’s auto-adapted experience per user type and easy creation of custom data applications delivers that exact perfect experience to drive people’s engagement.

Customization to Meet any Design

  • Don’t be overwhelmed – an auto-adapted experience per user will show the right options to match your skillset
  • Make it yours with hundreds of visualizations, configurations, properties and CSS modifications for further styling
  • Build a unique data exploration flow with advanced interactions using your own JavaScript logic

Extensibility APIs for any Requirement

  • Add your own proprietary data connector
  • Visualize data differently with custom data visualization controls
  • Create new formulas and data transformations with your algorithms
  • Meet your organization’s styles with re-branding
  • Customize anything to your liking via the open APIs