Adaptable Pricing that fits Different Users' Needs

Your organization needs to cater to all users, however not all users have the same skills and requirements. We know that. We also know, that your organization wants the ability to scale its deployment and hardware without having to worry about license compatibility.

When it comes to large deployments that are required to cover your entire organization or all external customers, you’re likely price conscious; and we appreciate that.

Our Pricing is Different

  • Lower cost per user → Unique concurrent licenses permit to scale without purchasing a license per user
  • Cost effective large scale deployments → Economics of volume, multi-tenant and unlimited users model
  • No hidden cost → Test environment licenses incur no additional cost
  • Scale your hardware without additional licenses → No tie to hardware specs like number of servers/cores
  • Deploy anywhere → On-premises or on a public cloud (AWS/Azure/Other); the choice is yours
  • Controlled investment → Lease annually or own in perpetuity

Find the Perfect Plan for your Business

Please contact sales for additional details and a quote fitted to your organizations needs