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Workforce Management

Everything you need to better manage your external workforce and solve daily real business challenges with our innovative web based analytics platform.

Our analytics solution empowers you to visualize and get better insights to make real-time, data-driven decisions and to report on click, scheduled or triggered by events.

One click visibility, on different detail levels, on spend, suppliers, prices, resources, roles and their development in time to spot immediately influences and dependencies of each other.

Load your data and answer immediately, always and from anywhere
  • How much is the total spend in the period January 2018 - December 2018?
  • How much is the total spend for the contract type "Temporary" in the first quarter of 2019?
  • How many resources where deployed in the period April 2019 - July 2019 within the Business Unit "Finance"?
  • How many working hours where cleared in the year 2018 for Department "Finance Controlling"
  • Which supplier has the highest spend in period January 2019 - April 2019
  • What is the average hourly rate for last year for the Role "Software architect"?
  • Which Business Unit has the highest spend in a certain period? What about the highest hourly rate?
  • What is the ratio of the average hourly rate of the year 2018 to the year 2019? Has the average hourly rate increased or decreased? … and how much?
  • How many resources where deployed in the the 3rd quarter of 2018 compared to the 3rd quarter of 2019?
  • What is the trend of my resources, suppliers, hourly rates?
  • Offered as subscription model
  • Attractive price dynamicaly aligned with your business evolution
  • Short binding (1 year subscription)
  • High flexibility
  • OPEX vs CAPEX:
  • Reduced lifecycle costs (±65%)
  • No invest nor risks of invest

Please contact us and within a few days you will be set up to use myDIAGO® with your data.


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